Stars pay tribute to whatever it was Danny La Rue actually did

Will be sorely missed for all that stuff he did

Will be sorely missed for that stuff he did

Celebrities have been lining up to applaud whatever it was that the late Danny La Rue did exactly.  ‘He was a great, er, showman,’ said Nicholas Parsons.  ‘Not a comedian exactly, or a singer as such, I mean he wasn’t an all-round entertainer or anything – but when it came to just dressing up like a lady, there was no one quite like Danny.’

Other contemporaries remember how the famous drag act ‘would come out on stage, in a dress and wearing make up, and everyone in the 1960s and 70s, before we knew what proper entertainment was, just loved him.’ 

‘He was the very best in the world at dressing up like a lady,’ added Parsons.  ‘Apart from all the actual ladies obviously.  Let’s be honest, half the world’s population get up every day and are better at what Danny did than he was.  But still, we’ll miss that particular man doing it.’

David Baddiel

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