Hewlett Packard launch laptop BIOS revision in front of stunned world leaders

world leaders 'humbled' by timing of announcement

In a momentous launch event held before world leaders in California last night, PC manufacturer Hewlett Packard announced that it has released version E of its laptop BIOS routine for the EliteBook range of computers. ‘This is truly a great event which surpasses all other changes in technology. I promised you change and we have delivered’ said a tearful Barack Obama as he wept at the news emerging from HP’s engineers.

UK premier Gordon Brown was also moved by the occasion ‘When you think of the impact of the global financial crisis, the terrible local and European election results and the MPs expenses scandals, HP has alleviated all these problems by releasing the BIOS revision at this time, and by changing the default boot device to hard disk has removed the worrying wait whilst the machines first tried to boot from CD. It is truly a miracle. I will not be resigning.’

However the news of the BIOS revision was not met with universal approval. A spokesman from technology analysts Gartner warned the public of embracing the latest revision without ‘Proper testing and deployment planning, after all a failed attempt to flash a BIOS could result in you needing to install it again from the CD that came with the motherboard’ warned senior vice president Chelsey Palino ‘That could bring delays to your Googling and gaming activities.’

criticised HP, then apologisedIn the UK there was mixed reaction to the news about the BIOS revision. Former ministers Hazel Blears and Jacqui Smith warned against the upgrade citing that ‘A BIOS revision is not enough. We need a full scale change of BIOS on a brand new microprocessor’ whilst David Cameron went further demanding ‘A compete change of motherboard following a full-scale procurement exercise which allows the British people to select a completely new BIOS.’

Nick Clegg from the Liberal Democrats advocated an approach which ‘Gives people the right to choose their BIOS based on the needs of the nation overall, and to not be required to use an HP or Dell BIOS just becuase they were first past the post.’

BNP leader Nick Griffin warned of the danger of relying on an imported foreign BIOS when the UK has a solid track record through companies such as Sinclair, BBC Micro and Amstrad of delievring ‘World class BIOS chips which have been developed and produced in the UK. That’s why we are the world leaders in such components.’

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