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Toddler savages Pit Bull Terrier

The family of a toddler from the Croxteth area of Liverpool is in shock today following an horrific attack on a Pit Bull.  The child, who was staying with his 27 year old grandmother Shyla Gladworthy, had been playing happily with the dog when, for no apparent reason, the savage attack took place. 

‘We had just finished breakfast,’ Mrs. Gladworthy told reporters, ‘when I heard this scream and realised little Wolverine had attacked.  He just wouldn’t let go, shaking poor little Bradley like a rag doll.’ 

Bradley, a Staffordshire Pit Bull cross, was later taken to a local veterinary surgeon for treatment but was pronounced dead on arrival.  Mrs. Gladworthy has been forced to account for herself by animal welfare officers, explaining that on reflection she shouldn’t have given baby Wolverine Haribos for breakfast because ‘he’s a right little bugger when he’s on a sugar rush.’

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Posted: Jun 17th, 2009 by Gerontius Bonalatty

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