One dirty child too many as advertisement housewife goes berserk


The Advertising Standards Authority’s complaints hotline was jammed last night after a housewife in an advertisement for washing powder seemingly went berserk and disciplined her on-screen ‘son’ in front of thousands of angry viewers.

The incident occurred during the 7 o’clock commercial break, ‘mum’, portrayed by actress Sarah Dawson, was extolling the virtues of ‘Glide': a new product that can be used both as a washing powder and a dishwasher detergent. However her enthusiastic endorsement quickly turned to anger with the appearance of her mud splattered ‘son’, a child actor who has remained nameless for legal reasons.

‘For years I’ve had to put up with these bloody kids,’ complained Ms. Dawson, ‘they run in covered in shit and give you this cheeky grin. If they were my children I’d give them a good clip ’round the ear, but no – I have to smile indulgently and lovingly ruffle their hair before bunging their dirty clothes into the washing machine for the umpteenth time.’

‘This brat was the last straw’ she continued, ‘not only was he filthy, but the little sod let the dog in to traipse all over my nice clean floor and then tried to put his bloody scooter into the dishwasher! I’m sorry, but if any kid of mine did that I’d tan their hides good and proper, so that’s what I did.’

the little shitNow the subject of a full ASA enquiry, Ms. Dawson admits that her actions have caused advertisement work to dry up, and that she has been dropped from the Inanemums4U casting agency. She is currently auditioning for a part in the ‘Horrid Henry’ series for CBeebies, where she promises to be firm but fair ‘as far as that little bastard is concerned’.

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