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Prince Charles slams Digital TV switch over

HRH Prince Charles has railed against the decline of ‘Naturally Beneficial’ analogue TV signals in a speech at the annual Society of Holistic and Imaginary Therapy conference.  ‘As the take up of digital TV increases our native and once common analogue electromagnetic waveforms are being supplanted by these artificially transduced digital signals at a distressing rate.’ blasted the future Monarch.  ‘Am I the only one worried about this?’

In his speech the Prince criticised the Government for making ‘an already bad problem worse’ with its ongoing push for TV digitalisation, and accused it of ‘placing technical progress and the economic well-being of its citizens ahead of the needs of conventional aesthetics and the traditional ways of life.  And besides,’ he continued, ‘Freeview reception at Clarence House is rubbish – the Dave channel is practically unwatchable.’


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Posted: Jun 19th, 2009 by Guest

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