Steve Jobs unveils ‘Liver 2.0′


Steve Jobs proudly unveiled ‘Liver 2.0′ at a packed press conference today, following an emergency organ transplant. ‘This new liver is a significant improvement on Liver 1.0′ he told assembled computer geeks and internal organ fans. Its many features include more efficient detoxification, rapid protein synthesis as well as improved hormone production and increased glycogen storage.’

Jobs admitted that the upgrade had been brought forward at short notice and he hoped that another upgrade would not be required for some time. However, doctors admitted today that there is a ‘serious risk’ that the new liver may reject Mr Jobs, after it was revealed that the original owner, Wayne Fragg, was exclusively a Windows PC user.

Transplant specialists are concerned that the new organ may not install itself properly in Steve Jobs’ system, and after a while could give up trying to run altogether.

‘We had the same problem with the heart monitors during the operation,’ revealed the surgeon who carried out the procedure. ‘At first the cables wouldn’t fit into Mr Jobs’ body, then when we managed to find an adapter plug thingy, the monitors just wouldn’t work. Even my son Kevin, who’s good with computers, couldn’t sort it out. In the end we had to give up and plug them into someone else.’

Seamus Nottrew and Rickwestwell

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