US, Iran united in mourning for Michael Jackson

The feuding governments of the USA and Iran put aside their differences to pay simultaneous tribute to the deceased singer Michael Jackson. At secret UN talks planned between the country’s leaders the initially stony faces of Presidents Obama and Ahmadinejad broke down into tears and smiles of fond remembrance, as Ahmadinejad spontaneously grabbed his crotch and let out a ‘Wooh!’ and Obama moonwalked to hug his former foe.

‘It’s a tragic day when you lose a man-child creative genius, who could not only sing, but was a very good dancer too,’ commented Ahmadinejad, ‘I think we should focus on that, and not silly rumours of murders and acid attacks on non-existent protestors in Tehran’s city squares’.

The sentiments were echoed by Secretary of State Clinton who insisted, ‘This isn’t the time to start posturing on our little differences, but for quiet reflection and perhaps watching some old clips on YouTube. Maybe that will heal the world, and make it a better place, for you, and me, and the entire human race. Michael would have liked that.’

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