Gap year student discovered at Gatwick North Terminal after 10 months

just couldn't get it together to fly anywhere

A gap year student who left home to gain experience and develop initiative has been found at Gatwick North Terminal ten months after he set off to see the world.

Bryn Goodyear, nicknamed ‘Buzz Gapyear’ by his sceptical friends has been reunited with his family in Reading today after leaving home last August. He had been told by his parents that they would help him with planning and financing a gap year if he would first get a job and come up with a few suggestions, but in response to such intense pressure he left home and took the National Express coach to Gatwick. Having spent all his money he took a cleaning job, but with the cost of his lodgings and going out with the lads in Crawley every weekend, he never saved enough for his trip.

‘I realised I would have to change my plans,’ said Bryn as he tucked into his first home-cooked meal in almost a year. ‘Infinity and beyond was like in your dreams, and I soon saw that round the world was going to be a bit of an effort. So I thought, Europe. I flew Ryanair to Bordeaux to do the grape harvest but they didn’t have any managerial posts and expected me to actually like pick grapes? So I’m like, I’m going to do media studies at De Montfort Uni and I could use my skill set to push back boundaries in a rapidly changing media landscape and they like shrugged?’

Bryn sent emails from his hotmail account from time to time saying how his travels were progressing, but his parents became suspicious when one of the attached photos had ‘library picture’ printed at the bottom. Their suspicions were confirmed when they recognised a picture of Torremolinos from the Airtours brochure they had kept from their 1989 honeymoon.

When asked what he intended to do next, Bryn said he might chuck Uni in and go on a road trip, once he had bought a car and passed his test. ‘I can do the practice in theory, and the theory in mocks but not in practice,’ he said. ‘But the instructor keeps like, giving you instructions?’

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