Supermarket introduces traffic calming measures for male shoppers

Tesco’s in Dunstable is claiming success for a new series of temporary traffic controls installed on weekends to manage the influx of men sent to pick up some shopping. All aisles now follow the ‘rule of the road’ and busy junctions have traffic lights or mini roundabouts as appropriate.

The system has been embraced by men who have taken to obsessively tuning personal radios to traffic reports broadcast by the store and local landlords have reported a rise in heated discussions on the quickest route to pasta sauces from the fresh bread counter. Despite the new measures incidents have still been reported however, tied to the return of the F1 season, and ‘dads who should know better taking the corner on the imported lagers aisle like they’re Jenson Bleedin’ Button…’

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Posted: Jun 27th, 2009 by

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