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Jackson lawyers try to overturn death verdict

Lawyers for Michael Jackson lodged an urgent court appeal to overturn what attorney, Thomas Mesereau Jr., described as a ‘salacious accusation’ that their client is dead, claiming it was merely an attempt to wheedle money out of him. ‘Michael is a naïve victim who’s been manipulated by unscrupulous doctors,’ claimed Mesereau, ‘Same thing happened to Elvis. They destroyed his career, forcing him to earn a living in a chip shop.’

Uri Geller also rallied to his friend Jackson’s defence ‘convinced with all his heart’ of his continued vitality, telling GMTV ‘I can still sense Michael’s vibrant aura and although he hasn’t been returning my calls for a while, that is not unusual.’

Santa Barbara District Attorney Thomas Sneddon, declined to comment but is reportedly preparing for a prolonged battle.


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Posted: Jun 28th, 2009 by Fredd

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