Big Brother producers forget they have people in the House

Embarrassed Channel 4 production staff have apologised for leaving Big Brother housemates unattended for several days after being distracted by events elsewhere. With the onset of a heatwave, several had decided to start their holidays and others had secured tickets for Wimbledon. It was only an alert production assistant who remembered there were still contestants in the House. ‘I was enjoying my daily Michael Jackson news fix when I had an uneasy feeling I’d forgotten something important’ said Trish Gordon. ‘It’s like when you leave home and are convinced you’ve left the gas on. It was only when my older brother popped round that I remembered the housemates.’

Fortunately those remaining in the House were so self obsessed the long period of non contact had gone unnoticed. Attempts to gauge viewer reaction to all this have so far failed as nobody can be traced who has watched any Big Brother over the past week.

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