WWII Enigma coded messages ‘were mostly inane text chatter’

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The importance of the Allies breaking the famous Enigma code in the Second World War is being revisited following claims that most of the messages sent using the top secret code were in fact teenage style text messages saying how bored the German security personnel were and whether the girl on the front desk fancied them.

Historian Antony Beevor who has had thousands of messages deciphered says he was shocked that after a decade of intense Nazi propaganda that most of the Wehrmarcht’s obsessions seem to be about sending each other silly jokes and insignificant trivia. For example Nikolaus von Falkenhorst- Commander of German ground forces during Operation Weserübung sent a message in 1940 regarding fraternisation with the Danish nationals after the occupation of Copenhagen; ‘OMG UR SOL wiv her coz she iz wll fit ttyl :)’ This received the official reply from the officer in the field ‘stfu m8 UR a vrgn pmsl :D’

‘This message seems to suggest that there was a particular Danish woman who caught the attention of von Falkenhorst and his junior officer, and that neither of them thought the other stood much of a chance with her.’ Research shows that breaking the enigma code was actually achieved early in 1940, but that it was trying to understand the textspeak and emoticons that took the Allies so long.

Other examples of the inane rubbish that had to be sifted through by intelligence officers at Bletchley Park include a message sent from Hitler to Goering during the battle for Stalingrad; ‘wht u doin 2nite? Gt pssd l8r?’ and a series of messages sent from the Fuhrer’s bunker in April 1945 such as ‘Brd shtless. Tld Russns gtfo. Eva bad mood : ( ‘

‘These new transcriptions give us a much deeper insight into the narrative of the Second World War from the Nazi point of view,’ added Antony Beevor. ‘After years of analysis and study, I have noticed that at the beginning of war there were lots of smiley emoticons but interestingly at the end of the war, it is most sad faces. That definitely tells us something.’

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