Sir Richard Branson announces scything job cuts whilst dressed as the Grim Reaper

Sir Richard Branson has apologised for announcing the loss of 600 jobs at Virgin Atlantic whilst dressed as the Grim Reaper. ‘OK, hands up!’ he said ‘With hindsight I can see how my costume may have been misinterpreted. But I was only trying to lighten the blow with some light hearted jollity. I have always enjoyed dressing up for the cameras, and a good picture is worth a thousand words. A point I made when I was trying to explain our new improved safety proceedures dressed as a zombie with a lump of aircraft fuselage sticking out of my head.’

Sir Richard said he would not be wearing the Grim Reaper outfit again, and added ‘And, yes, perhaps I shouldn’t have popped over to offer my condolences to Air France and Yemenia for their recent tragedies whilst still robed up.’

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