UK credit debt ‘in no way the fault of people who spend too much’

As the UK credit debt reaches GBP54.4bn the Bank of England and the Government were quick to condemn lenders for their irresponsible behaviour. ‘This is in no way the fault of people who max their credit card with no idea how they will ever pay the money back,’ a spokesman for the Bank of England said. ‘These poor people are the unfortunate victims of companies who are prepared to lend them money that they can then selfishly spunk away with no concern as to the consequences.’

‘Nobody wants this credit’ said Ron Gainsford, chairman of the Trading Standards Institute. ‘It is forced on people by evil loan companies who then make them pay it back even though they can’t afford to. It is outrageous. It is clear that responsibility for the behaviour of individuals lies with these organisations – who else could it possibly be?’

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