20 years after programme finished, man realises ‘Pot Black’ was a play on words

In the middle of a nostalgic discussion about old TV programmes yesterday, Mr Gavin Plant suddenly became aware that the name of ‘Pot Black’, the erstwhile BBC2 snooker tournament, was actually a play on words.

‘Of course! It’s like, as in ‘kettle’! Kettle calling the ‘pot black!’ I can’t believe no-one ever saw that!’ he expostulated in front of wife Mary, 34. Mr Plant immediately phoned all his friends and relatives to tell them the news, before emailing all his workmates.

Charged with emotion, he then went on to speculate that the name of the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, was a subtle reference to American McCarthyist bigotry, ‘Like in the play, you know?’, and probably ‘some kind of attack on Alex Higgins’. At this point, Mr Plant’s wife gently pointed out that the actual expression was ‘pot calling the kettle black’, and so if his theory was correct the programme should have been called ‘Kettle Black’.

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