Gypsies to ask council to move bungalow dwellers on

'they've got to go!'

A community of gypsies is asking the Isle of Wight District Council to force a group of owner-occupiers to move on from their bungalows next to the gypsy site. Gypsy spokesman ‘Stevo’ said that although he had no objection to people living in non-mobile homes, ‘the people on Acacia Avenue, Shanklin are a blot on the landscape and should be moved on to a more suitable area away from our colourful Romany site. Its value has halved since the owner-occupiers arrived.’

The gypsies claim that the Acacia Avenue residents lead grey, dull, and pedestrian lives, keep their dogs on leads, force their uniformed children to go to school, rarely have romantic camp fire story telling gatherings, and don’t know how to tell fortunes. Stevo added:
‘These folk could make an effort to fit in with the rest of the community by painting their houses in wonderful rainbow colours. They could at least try and exude a delightful roving spirit even if they’re stuck in nine-to-five jobs and live in pebbledash boxes. I’m sure they must have many fine non-roving traditions, but all we have to look out on is this ugly uniformity. We are not prejudiced, but unless the council acts, there could be trouble.’

a bit of pebbledash, that's what they needBut a spokesman for the Acacia Avenue Residents Association Mr Bill Smith, hit back at his romany neighbours, saying ‘It’s the gypsies who should try and make an effort to fit in with the rest of the community by pebble dashing their garishly painted caravans. And even if they don’t have nine-to-five jobs, they could at least try and exude a grey, dull, and pedestrian lack of roving spirit. If something isn’t done, there could be trouble.’

A spokesman for the Isle of Wight Council said that its community relation’s department had plans to bring the two communities together. He explained; ‘We want to build bridges by encouraging the two sides to experience aspects of each other’s culture, so we are arranging for the gypsies to learn how to play whist and bridge and for the residents of Acacia Avenue to take-up selling pegs and bareknuckle boxing.’

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