Twitter launches ‘Bitter’ service for moaners

Twitter has launched a new service aimed at the unhappy. It has identified a demographic that can’t move on from their lives. The website ‘Bitter’ allows users to moan, complain or slag off their friends or work colleagues in 140 characters or less without having their accounts suspended for offensive posts.

To date the service has proved popular with the ‘can’t move on’ community. Posts sfrom thought leaders such as @NormanNoMates, who announced ‘My girlfriend dumped me for being boring but I already have 12 followers on here. Who’s unpopular now eh!’ have given a voice to a previously disenfranchised section of soceity.

The founder of Bitter has dismissed claims that their new site is depressing and takes advantage of vulnerable people. “Bitter is sensational and documents the ups and downs of real people’ he said. ‘Twitter has Stephen Fry. Bitter has Jordan.’

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