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Girl convicted of bitching with intent

Court heard that she was 'proper rude'

Court heard that she was 'proper rude'

A court on the 8.23am train found Natasha, a 17-year-old student, guilty of ‘being bitchy about Sunita’s new haircut’ and ‘failing to support Desrene over that incident with the fat man in the newsagents’.  The defendant was tried in absentia by a jury of her peers.

Although the court heard cogent argument that Natasha was ‘not as bad as Anoushka’, and was presented with persuasive evidence that ‘Sunita is actually a slapper’, the defence case collapsed after a character reference from Jodie was struck from the record after the way she embarrassed herself last night.

Natasha was sentenced to two-weeks of evils and mutterings under the breath.  Further charges of her wearing too much make-up and of having no self-respect for going with Tyrone Reynolds at Rochelle’s party were stayed until the court meets again at home-time.


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Posted: Jul 20th, 2009 by Guest

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