Tanning salon’s budget ‘sheep-dip’ claims third victim

'Give me a reverse Michael Jackson, and quick!'

'Give me a reverse Michael Jackson, and quick!'

A Burnley tanning salon run by a retired farmer has been forced to close after a third woman drowned in its fast-tan trough in less than a week.  Sharon Thwaites failed to emerge from Tan-tastic’s sheep dip-style immersion treatment on Monday.  Police divers later recovered the 21-year-old’s body from the bottom of the tank.

Bob Bright, proprietor of Tan-tastic, told police he hit on the idea of the tanning trough after a cock-up on his farm saw 200 sheep blacked-up rather than disinfected.

Sharon’s mother Irene said that her daughter will be missed, but they were sure it is ‘how she would have wanted to go’.  Sharon is lying in state at her mother’s home so friends and family can visit one last time and comment admiringly on her tan.  ‘She looks lovely,’ sobbed Irene.  ‘No streaks at all.’

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