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Male colleague ostracised for using ‘female-only words’



Steve Lynch, 34, has been given the cold-shoulder by fellow workers after refusing to stop using female-only words in the workplace.

‘Why can’t I be bubbly?’ Lynch demanded, looking up from a magazine article on sluggish digestive tracts and ‘bloating’.  ‘I’m sick of being ‘great’ and ‘funny’ and ‘cool’.  And I feel I juggle, too.  People round here try to insist that I’m ‘efficient’ and ‘a great team player’, but there’s just no other word that gets across that slightly ditzy, only-just coping idea, so why should it just be for the girls?’

But his colleagues are unconvinced.  ‘They’re chick words,’ insisted Fran, 29. ‘It’s just not right.  And did you see how he slipped ‘ditzy’ in there, too?  Bastard.’

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Posted: Jul 23rd, 2009 by allmyownstunts

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