Astronauts refused entry to space station for flouting dress code

'Take one giant leap to the back of the queue'

'Take one giant leap to the back of the queue'

Astronauts aboard the multi-billion dollar Endeavour space mission were today refused entry to the International Space Station for failing to comply with the venue’s strict dress code.  On arrival the astronauts were politely directed to a sign on the air-lock door saying ‘Formal dress only. No trainers or moon boots,’ and had to admit defeat after a frantic search of the shuttle uncovered no suitable neckwear.

‘I can hardly say how embarrassing this is,’ said Mark Polansky, the Endeavour commander.  ‘But we’ve got no complaints.  The door staff were only doing their job, and if you make an exception for one you’d have to do the same for everyone.  Big lads they were, too.’

As the Endeavour shuttle moved away from the space station, one of the crew noticed that a group of under-dressed female astronauts appeared and were ushered straight in.

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