Church divided over supermarket advertising strategies

The Church of England is in turmoil once again over the use of supermarket-style deals to advertise Christianity on the mass market.

Hard-line Anglicans believe that offering ‘free wafers with every Eucharist’ or promoting the ‘3 for 1 Holy Trinity deal’ represents a dumbing-down of the Church’s ethos.  ‘You never heard Moses offering Commandments for a Tenner,’ grumbled the Bishop of Salisbury.  ‘And now some of my congregation are asking if there’s a Fast-track queue for Holy Communion.’

But modernisers are determined to press ahead with the new approach, hoping eventually to extend their ideas to the recruitment of new clergy.  ‘BOGOFs are a tried and tested marketing strategy,’ said one trendy vicar.  ‘And with our new Baptise One Get Ordained Free campaign, we’re sure to attract new shepherds to our flock.’

exigo (with a nod to Ugi)

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