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Antisocial networking site to close

Citing dwindling member activity and universally negative feedback, antisocial website today announced that it was to close.

The site had become known for having privacy settings permanently set to ‘piss off’, much to the annoyance of advertisers, data analysers and people hoping to discover that their ex had got fat.

‘The last known activity on the site was several months ago, although I suspected then that it was actually a spam attack,’ said founder Zak Muckerberg.  ‘I had a feeling that sending ‘giv her oragsms she nvr 4get’ to all our members suggested a bonhomie atypical of our target demographic.’

A merger had been proposed with rivals Faceless or Qwitter, but negotiations fell through when nobody came to the table. Neither rival was available for comment, nor appeared to give a crap.


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Posted: Jul 30th, 2009 by Guest

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