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Commuter can’t believe attractive chugger ‘only after me for my money’

Only after one thing26-year-old Gavin Hendry was devastated to discover that the charity fundraiser who recently accosted him outside Holborn tube had never been interested in pursuing a long-term commitment with the chartered surveyor from Barnet, but was instead using him for the benefit of a faceless non-governmental organisation providing aid to Africa. ‘I gave her everything,’ said Hendry, ‘my heart, my dignity, my sort code. But now I know she was just after my money’.

Hendry’s conversation with the bright-eyed out-of-work actress had sparked from the start, and he was sure they had made a connection when she noticed that he looked like ‘a really giving person’. ‘You can’t fake that sort of chemistry,’ he insisted. ‘She looked me straight in the eye, raised her clipboard and said the five words every man wants to hear: ‘I’ll only take a minute’. I was like a lamb to the slaughter.’

However doubts emerged as the recently separated man failed to hear anything further from Katie, despite making sure the perky fundraiser had his name, two email addresses, and mobile, office, and home phone numbers. ‘I don’t get it, I mean I know how to read women, and all the signs were there. She even showed an interest in my family, wanting to know about my mother, and her maiden name. How could I have misread those signs?’

Now, Hendry is trying hard not to succumb to the inevitable bitterness of a failed relationship, despite reports from a friend that Katie was seen ‘feeding the same lines to some other poor sap outside Snappy Snaps last Saturday’, and is taking solace in the fact there is still a long time to run before his 12-month direct debit lapses.

‘She had me at ‘I’m sure you’re busy…’ he lamented, ‘But now I can’t even look at an emaciated malnourished child on a TV ad without thinking about how cruel life can be, and how I truly believed her when she said I was ‘her favourite today’.

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Posted: Jul 30th, 2009 by Mary Evans

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