Aid agencies slam TV news report of happy Africans

Aid agencies have damned a Channel 4 news report that depicted Africans as contented, happy human beings, going cheerfully about their daily lives.

‘Where’s the real Africa?’ says Oxfam director Ben Little. ‘This report could undo years of work to convince the West that Africa is a continent of disease, death and misery.  People aren’t likely to hand over money to help people who are perfectly content.  And the weather’s better over there.’

Emergency measures are being drafted by charity organisations to bring much-needed misery to otherwise happy Africans, including the recall of all African debt and the immediate exportation of swine flu.

But Botswanan Steve Dakarai says it is crucial for aid to go where it is needed most.  ‘These poor aid workers.  All most of them have ever known is life in the United Kingdom, it must be pretty desperate.  You just want to get out there and help all you can.’

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