Road users not getting top speeds

British road users are not getting the speeds they are paying for, a survey by motoring regulator OfRoad has revealed.  Motorists are reportedly buying vehicles with advertised maximum speeds of ‘up to’ 200 mph, unaware that the national road network is restricted to a maximum speed of 70 mph.

According to OfRoad, the state of Britain’s road network means that, in some parts of the country, drivers are lucky to get 30 mph.  ‘In urban areas, user congestion quite often brings the system to a standstill,’ a spokesman said.  ‘And there are also restrictions on rural roads, with tractors and Sunday drivers clogging the network.

‘It is actually possible to obtain much higher speeds, if one is willing to risk breaking the stringent usage terms set by the British legal system, although one should be aware that travelling at excess speed could result in an unrecoverable crash.’

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