Hitler ‘could be cloned from Albert Hall testicle’

A leading scientist has announced plans to clone Adolf Hitler after tracking down his missing testicle to a secret storeroom in the Albert Hall.  Professor Nigel McPherson of Cambridge University, a well known advocate of human cloning, discovered the Führer’s errant gonad after chancing upon a pre-war document stating that Hitler’s ‘dirty bugger’ mother removed it when he was small and sent it for safe-keeping to a relative, who worked as a caretaker at the venue.

If the cloning is successful, McPherson intends to bring back other senior Nazis; ‘Göring’s testicles lie in the Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum and, although small, would be a perfect source of genetic material.  In fact the museum also houses the genitalia of Himmler, which are somewhat similar.’ he claims.  There is however a major stumbling block in getting the ‘full set’ of Third Reich leaders, as contemporary medical records state that ‘poor Goebbels has no balls at all.’

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