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Cabinet Office: ‘All Departments must have same Acronym’

In an attempt to cut the soaring administrative costs incurred every time the Prime Minister announces a new or merged ministry, senior civil servants have issued a new edict stating that from now all government departments shall be known as ‘DCTS’.

A Cabinet Office spokesman outlined the new changes:  ‘DCTS is education – as in the Department for Children, Training and Skills.  It is the Home Office – Crime, Terror and Security.  It’s the Treasury, as in Cash, Taxes, and Spending.’

‘The acronym will also stand for Culture, Television and Sport, Communities, Towns and Services, and Cars, Trucks and Signage.  It is even Counter-intelligence, Tanks and Soldiers.’ he continued.  ‘We think this will make everything much easier to understand, particularly for those people in society with special educational needs, like Cabinet Ministers, or Divisive, Criminally Tainted Scroungers, as they shall henceforth be known.’

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Posted: Aug 5th, 2009 by Zadok

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