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Taliban Baseball team expelled from World Series for ‘ungentlemanly conduct’

The world of Major League Baseball was in shock yesterday after the Taliban was unceremoniously kicked out of the World Series. Organisers made the decision following several instances of unprovoked violence against opposing teams.  ‘We have to take a stand against players who throw hard objects at the opposing batter without letting them have a bat to hit them with.’

In a case of ‘three strikes and you’re out’, the Taliban have also been criticised for their vocal protests against the ‘un-Islamic’ organ music during the quarter finals against the Colorado Rockies, and their wholesale execution of the St. Louis Cardinals for refusing to grow beards.  ‘Such aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated,’ said a National League spokesman.  ‘We suggest they go back to wherever the hell it is they came from. Either that or take up ice hockey.’

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Posted: Aug 6th, 2009 by Thackeray

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