College Reunion Ends Without Regrets, Tears and Declarations Of Love

A group of thirtysomethings stunned observers after getting together to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of their graduation and having a perfectly nice time without any attendant melodrama.

‘We were the only guests in a country hotel and it was the first time many of us had seen each other since uni, when we had parted in the midst of acrimonious rows, unfulfilled promises, and romances we were unsure we’d ever truly gotten over,’ explained organiser Rob Fisher, ‘Frankly I was a little worried about telling my wife that I was still in love with the girl I’d left to go travelling when I was 20, but it turns out we’ve all moved on with interesting careers and lovely families.’

Instead of drink-fuelled liaisons and blazing rows, everybody turned in by 10.30 after a nice meal and a few chuckles over rag week antics. ‘Well let’s be honest, college is three years of your life,’ commented Fisher, ‘it’s not as if it defines your life forever’.


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