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Woman found guilty of ‘unjust and unfair tutting’

Marjorie Newton, a 69-year-old widow from Hove, became the first person to be convicted under controversial new anti-tutting legislation. ‘For too long the likes of Mrs Newton have terrorised the public with uncalled for tutting that can ruin the whole day of an innocent bystander’ claimed Magistrate Lloyd West.

Teenage victim Brian Shepherd had spoken of the nagging sense of injustice he had felt all day after Newton had tutted him in the queue to bank some savings, after he accepted a call on his mobile. ‘OK my ringtone might not be to everybody’s taste,’ he said ‘but it was just my mum who wanted me to pick up stamps and didn’t warrant a vicious and spiteful tutting.’

In ugly scenes after the verdict was announced, friends of Mrs Newton hissed and booed and fourteen were arrested for contempt of court for undue tutting in the presence of a Magistrate.

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Posted: Aug 11th, 2009 by malgor

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