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BBC continuity announcer sacked for warning that EastEnders ‘is actually crap tonight’

A former BBC1 announcer is challenging the termination of his contract for what he claims were simply honest appraisals of forthcoming programmes. ‘Reithian values dictate that the BBC should educate, inform, and entertain,’ said announcer Rob Durham, ‘I just couldn’t with a clear conscience announce that Cash in the Attic was going to blow anyone’s intellectual skirt up.’

Prior to his dismissal Durham has faced several disciplinary actions, most recently for proposing that viewers ‘may find the Channel 4 documentary on Byzantine architecture more edifying than Seaside Rescue’ and for suggesting that Holby City was ‘cockney rhyming slang’.

But the BBC is standing firm, insisting that Durham’s contract explicitly forbids continuity announcers from ‘expressing derogatory opinions about any of the corporation’s output, even when it’s patently shite’.

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Posted: Aug 13th, 2009 by Mary Evans

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