Waiting-room man insists ‘I shall finish reading this magazine article first’

John Howarth, an outpatient at a Healthcare Trust in Hampshire, received a standing ovation from fellow visitors after refusing to see the doctor until he had completed the consumer review of ironing boards he was reading in March 2006’s Good Housekeeping Magazine.

‘They’d had me here since 8.45 but by then it was going on 11 and I’d just reached the conclusions section,’ explained Howarth, ‘so instead of leaping out of my chair as is usual, I just raised a finger and asked them to hold on a sec’.

Following gasps of astonishment from fellow patients, the waiting room stood up as one to applaud the stance. ‘I’ve never seen one of them do that before,’ observed the clinic’s nurse, before insisting that he was sure that Howarth’s flouting of convention in keeping the doctor waiting would in no way be reflected in the approach taken to delivering his planned colorectal procedure.

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