Tragedy as deodorant-covered man drowns in his own sweat

A man who dropped dead whilst jogging drowned in his own sweat after covering his entire body with antiperspirant, a coroner has ruled.  It is thought that an excessive application of deodorant blocked Brian Thewliss’ skin pores and sweat glands, causing his body to ‘fill up’ with perspiration during his morning run.

The police, who were called to the scene after his ‘wobbly water bed body’ was discovered, have revealed that Thewliss regularly covered himself in deodorant before going jogging, in order to save time showering before he got to work.

Paramedics were unable to revive the pleasant smelling jogger and he was pronounced dead, yet ‘pleasingly dry’, at the scene.  Thewliss’ death comes only three weeks after another jogger was crushed to death by a horde of young attractive women in what became known as the ‘Lynx effect’ tragedy.

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