Baby wows onlookers by keeping shoes on

An 8 month-old has baby stunned shoppers at Birmingham’s Bull-Ring retail centre by keeping her shoes and socks on for an astonishing two hours.  Laura Shields of Aston had gone shopping with her infant daughter Poppy, unaware of the furore that she was causing.  ‘The first thing I knew about it was when an elderly lady came up and started telling me how much of a child prodigy Poppy was.’ she told reporters. 

‘I looked down and she was sat in her stroller, waggling her legs about like she does.  Then it suddenly hit me; she hadn’t kicked her shoes off!  Normally I’d have to stop every five minutes to put them back on.  Now if only my husband would do the same with his pants I wouldn’t have to keep coming down here for some retail therapy!’  Poppy has since been given the freedom of the city of Birmingham and is the bookies favorite to win next year’s Britain’s Got Talent.

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