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Cat uses own garden as a toilet

Residents of Byron Close in Surbiton, Surrey have engaged in a bitter dispute after discovering that a neighbourhood cat was doing its business in its owner’s garden.  The incident occurred when ‘Pickles’, beloved pet of Mrs Elsie Pickett, was seen going to the toilet under Elsie’s Rose bush by a number of witnesses.

‘We’d gone over to Elsie’s for elevenses,’ said neighbour Mrs Dorothy Crabtree.  ‘We were sitting in her conservatory, commentating on her lovely begonias when her cat sauntered across and, bold as brass, went in her garden – we were furious!  What’s wrong with our gardens?  Aren’t they good enough?  I don’t send my husband out with a coal shovel every morning for nothing you know!’


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Posted: Aug 18th, 2009 by Guest

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