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Librarians accused of creating culture of flashy buzzwords to make their jobs seem more glamorous

The library world has been rocked by allegations that staff have been creating a culture of jargon and buzzwords in order to try and make their jobs appear more glamorous, after librarians started rebranding themselves as ‘Data Managers’, ‘Resource Facilitators’ and ‘Information Technologists’.

Critics claim that this trend could lead to many students abandoning plans to go into highly paid careers in favour of the less well paid world of librarianship, citing the example of ‘Michael’, a would-be law student who instead opted for ‘Information Management and Metadata Enrichment’ when flicking through a university prospectus.

‘All my life I have wanted to become a barrister, but then I found out I could learn how to enrich metadata, create taxonomies and facilitate the data transfer process I realised I’d be a fool not to get myself upstream in the digital future!  This book is two days overdue; that’ll be thirty-four pence please.’

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Posted: Aug 19th, 2009 by evilsuperstar

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