A-level exam result stories still dominating British press

The British public has been left reeling under a relentless onslaught of supposedly newsworthy stories about this year’s A-level exam results.  Headlining most of the broadsheets today is the shocking discovery that boys and ugly girls also take exams, get good results and celebrate their success.  Meanwhile the tabloid press is focussing on the harrowing story of Wolverhampton student who actually has failed to get straight ‘A’s in his A-level exam results.

Education authorities have also come into criticism after it emerged that government statisticians were taken by surprise by the rise in good A-level pass rates, despite Gordon Brown’s pledge to reach a national gold-standard 100% pass rate by 2012.  ‘We’re raising standards year-on-year.  Soon, only by forgetting to turn up to the exam will you possibly fail, and even then there’s always the option of a re-take.’ he told journalists.

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