Dawkin’s Atheist Scouts Launch Sod-a-God Week

A new summer camp for atheist children, supported by Professor Richard Dawkins, has been criticised for its upcoming fund raising jamboree: Sod-A-God Week.  Badges will be awarded for Sponsored Blasphemy, Tying Believers up in Knots and Fossil Excavation.

‘It’s a great way for kids to interact with the community while systematically trying to discredit people’s belief systems,’ said Scoutmaster Dawkins.  One scout, Timothy Flipkins, has already been awarded The Golden Woggle for breaking into the home of The Bishop of Bath and Wells and disproving St Anselm’s Ontological Argument.

Creationists have denounced Sod-A-God week, claiming that Dawkins is endangering children’s souls by encouraging them to think rationally and scientifically.  ‘And besides,’ said one concerned parent, ‘anyone who encourages young boys to engage in round-the-bonfire bishop-bashing sessions has got to be dodgy hasn’t he?’

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