News series of ‘The Choir’ to come from private choristers school

'Why not just get people who can actually sing?'

The BBC docu-series ‘The Choir’ in which choirmaster Gareth Malone takes a group of deprived and alienated teenagers and turns them into a choir is to focus in future on privileged, musically-gifted children who are already at a choristers school.

The new series will see Gareth Malone attempting to assemble a choir from a group of classically trained young singers who have already performed at cathedrals and festivals, and who will not be embarrassed or over-awed by the scale of the task ahead of them.

‘With all the chavvy kids and gangstas it was just really annoying the way they kept not turning up, or bringing all their social problems into the music room.’ said Malone. ‘Focussing on posh kids who have always really wanted to be in a choir will make my job a whole lot easier. And frankly the choir will sound much nicer at the end of it. It’s a bit of a no-brainer really.’

The series will follow Malone as he auditions a string of polite, smart and impeccably behaved youngsters with angelic singing voices, who then go on easily to win a competition against children from rough states schools. ‘In fact Durham Choristers School already have an excellent choir so I may just use them to save a bit of time,’ said Malone.

Other new progammes in the new autumn schedules, already being criticized for being lazy and unambitious, include ‘Can Cook, Will Cook Something Delicious Right Now’ and ‘How Clean Is The Inside of Your Washing Machine?’

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