Traffic congestion relieved by man blowing car horn

Alasdair Simmons, 39 of Gravesend was the hero of the day when stuck in traffic on the M25 late yesterday. ‘All of these cars and trucks were just sitting there, not moving’ he said ‘I just thought, bugger it, if they’re not going to move I’m going to give them a jolly good toot on my horn.’

As it transpired the cars were in fact stopped due to the drivers of several cars pulling up for a rest in the middle of the motorway and nodding off. Alasdair’s timely blast of his horn served to wake them up and the traffic was soon merrily on its way again.

‘It was a bit of a daring move on my part, I’ll admit, but after this success I’d advise others to take my lead and who knows? Blowing horns could solve all sorts of traffic snarls. 

In an unrelated incident, a man in nearby Watford managed to change the traffic lights sooner by pressing the pedestrian crossing button many times over and over again

Nick McCarr, (one line Izziere)

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