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Uproar as folk singer uses natural voice

There was uproar at the Windor and Eton Folk Club last night as one of the singers, Justin Fyffe-Thymes, used his natural voice to sing about the persecution of the Diggers in Seventeeth Century England.

The owner of the club said ‘It’s axiomatic that all folk singers have to sound as if they come from deepest Somerset, even if they were born in Berkshire,’ while the folk club audience tried to cover Justin’s heretical tones with a rendition of ‘As Oi werrrrr a-sailing with a pretty mai-ai-ai-den fairrrr boi oooh arrr.

But Justin retaliated ‘I’m the Bob Dylan of the folk world,’ he claimed. ‘Just as Dylan went electric in 1965, so I’m going natural voice in 2009. It will revolutionise folk.’

John Wiltshire

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Posted: Sep 4th, 2009 by Guest

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