Furious romantic novelist fails to tame headstrong heroine

‘I gave it everything,’ fumed Rosemary Henderson, 59, author of over a hundred previous romantic novels, ‘but feisty Darkliss Honeybow just wouldn’t co-operate. Too proud, you see, too proud.’

Ms Henderson admitted, ‘Eventually I had no choice but to write in my best hero, Damian Ford, who I’d been saving for my next, semi-autobiographical work featuring a more mature heroine. But alas, the gods had other plans. As soon as I got her close enough to be able to feel the strength of his ardour, she’d toss her head, turn up her aquiline nose, and flee.’

Asked for her plans for the book now, Ms Henderson was resolute. ‘I’ll be ready for her in the re-draft,’ she said firmly. ‘That bitch is getting ginger hair and a squint. See if she’s so picky then.’

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