Daily Mail apologises for printing rational, balanced letter

'Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but . . . '

'Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but . . . '

The Daily Mail was forced to publish a humiliating apology today after it mistakenly ran a sensible, cogent and well-reasoned letter submitted by a reader.  Susan Elsbury of Hemel Hempstead raised a number of valid concerns about the prospect of high-speed rail links in the UK, before conceding that ‘as a layman she perhaps wasn’t in the best place to comment’, and ‘maybe these things should be left to those in charge’.

Editors acknowledged that the offending letter ‘stuck out rather’ from the more erudite dissertations on mosques appearing on former church premises and the carcinogenic threat of watermelon, before Richard Littlejohn launched a furious attack on page 12 on the declining standards of modern tabloid readership.

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