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SatNav voice quits in the face of constant verbal abuse

‘Jane’, the well-spoken middle class English voice behind the satellite navigation system of insurance sales rep Darren Moss, has revealed that she has left Moss after constantly being told to ‘fuck off’ just for trying to do her job.

‘It was getting impossible,’ said Jane, her emotionless voice hiding the mental scars of her six-month ordeal at Moss’s hands. ‘I couldn’t say anything to him without being sworn at or insulted, not even ‘go left on the roundabout, first exit’ without him replying ‘Bollocks to that, bitch, what if I want to go straight on, eh?’.’

‘Just wait till he goes out next time and hears ‘At the end of the road, do whatever the fuck you like, arsehole, because I’m gone and I don’t give a shit’,’ said Jane, ‘That’ll teach him. Twat.’

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Posted: Sep 19th, 2009 by Oxbridge

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