Capital braces itself for 48-hour Tramp strike

Last minute conciliation talks between Transport for London and The Tramps, Vagrants and Beggars Union broke down today, when the leader of the TVBU, Big Rabbie McLintock, kicked London Mayor, Boris Johnson, in the shins and shouted, ‘Feck off youse mop headed bassard – I’ll fekkin ave ya!’

Speaking through an interpreter, Mr. McLintock later told reporters that his members would, ‘sober up, scrub up, acquire accommodation and hold down decent, respectable and well paid jobs, for a 48-hour period starting at midnight tonight.’ TfL bosses have said that they will operate a limited replacement beggar service on some mainline rail services in and out of the capital, but warned commuters, ‘to expect some uninterrupted and peaceful journeys over the next two days’.

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