Social fabric disintegrates as small child reveals car boot just selling tat

The quiet town of Market Harborough, Leicestershire, is at the centre of the unraveling of British Psyche today after four year old Howard Grimshot, attending a local car boot sale, suddenly screamed ‘Hold on this broken plastic dinosaur ain’t worth 5p. It’s tat.’

‘It was as if everyone just woke up’ explained Mother of three Martha Jenkins. ‘It was then I realised this lamp I paid 20p for didn’t have a plug and that’s illegal.’ Police were unable to contain the run on terrified stall holders as they were attacked with broken printers, unplayable VHS tapes and odd trinkets from Benidorm.

Within hours the revelation had spread across the country and car boots all over were under siege from people demanding their 50p’s back. ‘We were most concerned,’ explained PC John Maddocks of Leicestershire constabulary; ‘as we had reports of a small child trapped at the centre of the fracas. But he was fine when we got to him. He was busy trying to get the broken head back on his dinosaur.’

Steve Wilson

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