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Ofsted to investigate CBeebies for unlicensed childcare provision

The Government’s education watchdog announced today that it is to investigate the BBC’s flagship children’s channel over claims that it has been childminding the nation’s under eights despite not being registered as a childcare provider.

Under current regulations, the arrangement between the BBC and parents which sees money change hands annually for the service would be in breach of the law.

‘It’s not right that the single biggest provider of childcare in Britain is dodging the registration requirements,’ said an Ofsted spokesman. ‘We are particularly keen to speak to Mr Tumble about his understanding of the Early Years Framework, and CRB check or no CRB check – how could anyone have thought it was right to leave their children in the charge of the Chuckle Brothers?’

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Posted: Sep 29th, 2009 by Genghis Cohen

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