Afghan warlords ‘still not doing their share of the housework’

Two decades after women won the right to become suicide bombers, their menfolk are still failing to help with the household chores, says a new survey in the Daily Taliban.

Afghan warlords come out of the study badly, but the Taliban are the worst, says report author Susan Davies, who found that while women compete equally with men on the battle-front, little has changed at home.

‘Attitudes have changed in some areas, but clearly not in others,’ she said. ‘Many Afghan men had no idea how to get blood-stains out of a robe. But some Taliban men seemed to think female blood was unclean.’

However, one Afghan warlord defended his domestic contribution, saying that helping in the kitchen is not really practical. ‘Every time I go in there, one of my older and less attractive wives has set herself on fire,’ he said.

(Cap doff to Oxbridge)

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