Anarchist Party Conference arrangements ‘causing a lot of aggro’

With the last conference season before a General Election drawing to a close, there has been panic among members of the Anarchist Party that they ‘still haven’t got it together’.

A decision on the choice of venue is ‘still very much at the embryonic stage,’ said a party spokesman, frantically rifling through the kitchen drawer and muttering ‘it’s got to be here somewhere…’

It is widely acknowledged that there have been administrative problems within the party, mainly due to no-one actually knowing who is supposed to be doing what, where they do it, or whether party organisers are ‘purely mythical constructs of overactive capitalist scum’.

‘All I know is,’ said the spokesman, ‘Steve was supposed to meet Dave in the pub, but he went to a different pub on a different day and met somebody else. We’ve all done that.’

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Posted: Oct 2nd, 2009 by

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